Benjamin Exeter

Your NDP Candidate for Central Leeward

Benjamin Exeter has worked tirelessly for the people of Central Leeward for many years and is submitting himself to serve in Parliament.

Having spent his early years and the beginning of his career abroad, gaining experience in both Canada and America, Exeter returned to SVG to launch his own company.

It was during this time that he was touched by the hardship is fellow constituents were facing on a daily basis. The high rate of unemployment, high cost of living, and lack of meaningful development made life extremely difficult for the people of Central Leeward. 

It quickly became evident, after so many years of inactivity from a ULP Government, the only way to improve the country was with an NDP Government.

Exeter believed he could make a valued contribution to the progress and development of his home country and so made the decision to offer himself as the NDP candidate in the 2015 election.  

He is working closely with Dr Friday and the wider NDP leadership to fight for improving the prospects of young Vincentians and for the development of an environment where local businesses can thrive.

Ben's Plan for Central Leeward


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