Noel Dickson

Noel Dickson

Your NDP Candidate for South Windward

Noel Dickson is Dr Friday’s NDP candidate standing for South Windward as it is time to break the ULP spell.

He has spent his entire career helping people gain employment, despite the difficult circumstances they face, as a Human Resources Manager in the financial sector.

Throughout his career he has witnessed the hardship that our young people face in finding employment as a direct result of the lack of action from the Government.

After years of frustration at the lack of support for young Vincentians, he made the decision to offer himself as a representative for the people of South Windward so that he could contribute to Dr Friday’s vision of creating a brighter future for SVG.

He believes that as part of a Dr Friday led NDP Government, he can help even more people gain employment by delivering a plan to grow the economy and create the opportunities that our young people need to thrive.

Noel's Plan for South Windward


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