Broken ULP promises

We in the NDP believe in transparency and openness. We also believe in being straight with the electorate, we believe it is important to do what we say and follow through on promises.

What we have seen from the ULP government is nothing like this. Priorities constantly change, projects are started and then abandoned, little is followed through. They change metrics to try and show the best outcome or will simply deny the statistics and facts presented to them.

We believe that it’s time to highlight this. We are setting up a webpage that tracks their promises, that will hold them to account. The ULP are good at promises but short on delivering. We will hold them to account. Governments should be judged on their record, well let’s see what their record is.

These promises from the ULP manifesto have been broken. More will be added weekly as their failings grow:

  • Economy

    • Page 15: Maintaining the fundamentals of a sound macro-economy: Monetary, financial, and banking stability; fiscal consolidation; low inflation; optimal economic growth; equity and economic inclusiveness; job creation; regional economic integration; fair trade globally; investment friendly environment; ease-of- doing business. The central emphasis will continue to be on creating jobs and lifting higher the living conditions of our people. NOT DELIVERED
    • Page 35: Continue to reduce the extent of taxes of all kinds on the production of goods and services. NOT DELIVERED
    • Page 38: Reduce the top rate of personal income tax and corporate tax to 20 percent. NOT DELIVERED
    • Page 38: Providing enhanced training and business incubation systems for small businesses. NOT DELIVERED
    • Page 47: Reduce company taxation from 30 percent to 20 percent. NOT DELIVERED
    • Page 99: Compiling a voluntary Vincy Diaspora Directory, to catalogue, the skills, businesses and offerings of the Vincentian Diaspora. NOT DELIVERED

  • Agriculture

    • Page 38: Focusing on assistance for agriculture, Agro processing, fisheries, a range of personalised services, retail trade, and cultural industries in the small business sector. NOT DELIVERED
    • Page 42: Increase export-led growth in traditional agricultural commodities and fishery products. NOT DELIVERED
    • Page 42: Roll out more practical initiatives in research and development in agriculture. NOT DELIVERED
    • Page 43: Identify supportive initiatives of low- cost financing in a sufficient quantity for agriculture and animal husbandry. NOT DELIVERED

  • New Economy

    • Page 18: Ramping up the cultural revolution; building a modern home for the creative arts; building up facilities for the development of a viable cultural industry; turning cultural expressions into commercial successes. NOT DELIVERED
    • Page 36: The expansion of the sports and creative industries. NOT DELIVERED
    • Page 71: Act swiftly on the existing plans to develop School for Music and ArtsNOT DELIVERED
    • Page 91: Develop further the local performing arts as a vital form of cultural expression, and as a source of employment. NOT DELIVERED

  • Tourism

    • Page 55: Establishing Saint Vincent as a leader in nature tourism and nature-based activities. NOT DELIVERED

  • Infrastructure

    • Page 15: Building out the modern city at ET Joshua site. NOT DELIVERED
    • Page 15: Constructing an Acute Referral Hospital at Arnos Vale (ET Joshua site). NOT DELIVERED
    • Page 15: Elaborating further the plans to construct a tunnel under Cane Garden point to link the modern city at Arnos Vale with Kingstown as part of overall improvement in traffic. NOT DELIVERED
    • Page 15: Making preparations to relocate the Pole Yard community in vastly improved accommodation to be built by the governmentNOT DELIVERED
    • Page 16: Constructing the Modern Parliament and Modern Halls of Justice at Murray’s Road. NOT DELIVERED
    • Page 16: Constructing, in tandem with the private sector, apartments especially for younger professionals and business persons on lands at Pembroke. NOT DELIVERED
    • Page 16: Making the Ottley Hall Project work, in conjunction with private investors. NOT DELIVERED
    • Page 18: Working assiduously to build a strong regional air and sea transport system and assets. NOT DELIVERED
    • Page 55: Constructing energy-efficient water desalination plants in the Grenadines. NOT DELIVERED

  • Sport

    • Page 18: Other sporting facilities will be built out. Lighting of sporting facilities will be accelerated by the government and the National Lotteries Authority, and through a Memorandum with the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation with funds from FIFA for specific playing fieldsNOT DELIVERED
    • Page 36: The expansion of the sports and creative industries. NOT DELIVERED


    • Page 49: Establish a single e-Government portal for citizens to obtain vital records, renew various permits and licences, pay fines, clear customs products, pay taxes, register companies and lodge complaints. NOT DELIVERED
    • Page 49: Establish an integrated Government electronic payment platform to enable Government, citizens, and businesses to transact electronically in a seamless and secure way; while improving e-payment and e-commerce options available to the general public. NOT DELIVERED
    • Page 49: Boost capacity of government officials and the general public in the adoption and use of ICT hardware and software and the improvement of digital skills in business, education, information and other activities NOT DELIVERE
    • 35: Strengthen and extend the
      existing raft of measures relating to the health, social protection, housing, transportation, and safety of the elderly
  •  Small Business

    • Page 38: Providing enhanced training and business incubation systems for small businesses. NOT DELIVERED
  • Security

    • Page 18: Strengthening further citizen security, the Police Force, the Coast Guard and the Prisons. NOT DELIVERED
    • Page 36: Strengthening security for small businesses, including training for personnel in the use of small arms, and a more focused issuance of gun licences. NOT DELIVERED