Laverne Gibson-Velox

Laverne Gibson-Velox

Your NDP Candidate for East St George

Guided by life lessons, along with her personal ambition and a role model in the late
Frank Williams, Laverne Gibson Velox has forged a path of success for herself
here in SVG.

Having worked at Penny Bank for 34 years, she worked her way up to become CEO of the
bank and the first woman to run a financial institution in SVG.

Throughout her career, Laverne has witnessed too many young Vincentians forced to move
abroad in search for work.

As a result, she has committed herself to creating jobs and opportunities for
young people so, like her, they can build successful careers for themselves in
their home country.

As part of a Dr Friday led NDP Government, Laverne will work tirelessly to secure
the real and lasting changes needed to get East St. George working!

Laverne's Plan for East St George


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