Crime, Security & Justice

Government’s first responsibility is to protect its citizens by building a strong, safe community. In order to do this the NDP in collaboration with stakeholders and the entire nation would seek to:

  1. Implement the Spiritual, Social Redemption Charter as the prime mechanism to deal with issues pertaining to our emphasis on the prevention of crime.
  2. Increase Police manpower to focus on beat and other patrols.
  3. Establish a visible police presence in communities, especially those with high crime rates.
  4. Reduce police response times.
  5. Establish of a Crime Prevention Department within the Ministry
  6. Introduce the Crime Stoppers Program.
  7. Introduce tougher sentences for sexual offenders.
  8. Provide the Coast Guard with the requisite manpower and technical resources to ensure the safety of our territorial waters.
  9. Supply chase and pursue vessels to empower the Coast Guard to do its job efficiently.
  10. Create an Independent Fire Service with substations island wide inclusive of the Campden Park Industrial estate.
  11. Improve officer training.
  12. Establish a specific Police Women’s Department.
  13. Support Random drug testing in our prisons.
  14. Provide adequate training for Prison Officers.
  15. Strengthen our Forensic Lab.
  16. Establish an ntelligence and Counter Intelligence Unit with special focus on our Airports and Seaports to counteract terrorism and drug trafficking.
  17. Create a first response department with emphasis on responding and handling reports of Domestic Violence and Violence against women.



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