Education is the key to the development of our nation. We will place a high value on education and its transformation. This will be done by:

  1. Ensuring that the content and process of education are geared to UNESCO guidelines.
  2. Ensuring that all children can afford to go to school by providing resources to assist all children in need.
  3. Ensuring that all children have access to learning resources such as text books, computers and other relevant learning materials.
  4. Developing a special education component in the Ministry of Education to deal with gifted students and those who may have learning disabilities.
  5. Revising the school feeding programme to include a policy that includes emphasis on the nutritional content of the feeding program and ensures the use of more local produce.
  6. Establishing a national curriculum framework on numeracy and literacy.
  7. Promoting Education as a life-long process and ensuring that learning opportunities are available to all.
  8. Curbing the school drop out rate by embarking on curriculum reform to ensure that the curriculum is broad based and that there are extra-curricular activities to meet students’ development needs.
  9. Providing meaningful and sustainable mechanisms for the participation of youth in groups such as the National Youth Council, Youth Ambassadors and community Youth Groups so as to solicit their opinions in the development of public policies and the design of programs for young people.
  10. Pursuing excellence in higher education and its development, providing the means for more Vincentians to obtain a degree at home, thus ensuring a university graduate in every home by 2020.



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