With a theme declaring its readiness to take over governance in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, an energized and upbeat New Democratic Party convened at its headquarters in Kingstown to renew its Executive, and speak to the state of the nation, and the solutions required to move this country and its people forward. The convention started with the procession of all candidates for the next general election, which some speculate can come as early as the first quarter of next year.

The day-long event, which boasted attendance by delegates and Young Democrats from every constituency in the country, was carried live online and recorded by media who were treated to intense and well received presentations by party President the Hon Arnhim Eustace and Feature Speaker Luzette King, who travelled from the Diaspora to be a part of this annual event. Ms King’s presentation captivated the crowd who listened in rapt attention, jumping to their feat in spontaneous outbursts of applause throughout the presentation.
Greetings and addresses came from NDP chapters in Toronto and the US with the General Secretary and Chairman of the party Allan Cruickshank and Dr. Hon Linton Lewis, sharing emcee duties
throughout the day.

All Executive positions were open during the business session of the Convention and Party President Hon. Arnhim Eustace along with Vice Presidents Dr. Hon. Godwin Friday, Hon. St. Clair Leacock, Treasurer Bernard Mills and Deputy General Secretary Doris McIntosh were returned unopposed. The position of PRO was relinquished by Ernesto Cooke who decided not to seek re- election, focusing instead on his role as Host of the popular New Times Programme. Sen. Hon. Vynnette Frederick, who previously held the post between 2006- 2012 was nominated and elected unopposed. The contested position for Chairman of the Party resulted in a tie of 135 votes each for incumbent Dr Hon. Senator Linton Lewis and Hon Daniel Cummings. To settle the deadlock Daniel Cummings conceded the position as he considered the tie to mean that he did not “beat” his colleague. This decision was met with wide applause for Cummings and the internal electoral process. The party will host a Christmas event and its parliamentary caucus prepare for the Budget Estimate Debates scheduled to begin on December 9, 2013.



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