Our Plan on Healthcare

our health is at risk from ulp mismanagement

  • The ULP has badly let down our people with
    their complacency and failure to deliver
    adequate healthcare.
  • Hospitals and clinics are run down and lack basic medicines and functioning equipment.
  • Milton Cato Memorial Hospital floods when it rains. Also sterilisation equipment and the CT scan among other things have been in disrepair and unable to work. It lets down our healthcare workers and puts patients at risk.
  • The ULP first promised to build a new hospital in 2001 – 19 years ago. They have only delivered drawings and unfunded promises.
  • The ULP promised to deliver a National Health Insurance Scheme through the NIS. This too has not been delivered.
  • We need a better plan to look after the health of our people.
  • The NDP will use the growth from our economic plan to deliver on our promises to better fund and improve healthcare across our country.

what will the ndp do

  • We will construct a new National Hospital.
  • We will streamline the organisation and management of the health sector, bringing St Vincent and the Grenadines in lined with regional standards of best practice. 
  • Improve home care for the elderly and build more elderly care homes, starting with a new site in North Leeward, with improved training for all care givers. 
  • We will strengthen the public/private partnership to offer more services to the people of SVG.

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Public Relations Officer Lavern King