Our Plan on Infrastructure

Roads and infrastructure have been abandoned

  • A key part of this is having the major projects, roads playing fields and other critical infrastructure to underpin our growth, link up communities, open new markets and provide the foundation for growth.
  • Over the last decade we have seen a series of new infrastructure projects put in place with the support of loans or grants from abroad. These projects represent the opportunity for our country to unleash its economic potential and set the foundation for economic growth that delivers jobs and higher wages. But we see the same old thing from the ULP government over and over again.
  • Infrastructure projects don’t employ people here in SVG instead bringing people in from abroad (despite us having a 20% unemployment rate.
  • The government has no long term plan to fully deliver the benefits of these projects, instead once they cut the ribbon they move on to something else, there is no long term plan to deliver jobs
  • Despite promise and the recent work by BRAGA we still have too many roads covered in potholes, broken roads and roads in poor conditions.

what will the ndp do

Young people in SVG with Dr Godwin Friday in the middle of a line
  • New economic projects such as a national innovation centre and TVET centre of excellence to help unleash growth
  • A national programme to link up roads and build interconnected communities
  • Upgrading and improving hard courts across the country to provide playing surfaces for our young people.
  • Improving critical facilities such as jettys, walkways and other projects to boost tourism
  • Increase the number of pathways to provide safer walking routes for our people and especially our children

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