Our Plan on Jobs

unemployment is too high in svg

  • Nearly 1 in 5 people are unemployed – one of the highest rates of unemployment in the Eastern Caribbean.
  • 41% of young people are unemployed.
  • Average wages in SVG are only 73% of the regional average, the lowest in the Caribbean! 
  • The ULP have failed to provide jobs and opportunities for people across our country, making promises to create change but delivering on none of these promises.

what will the ndp do

Young people in SVG with Dr Godwin Friday in the middle of a line
  • The New Democratic Party has said it will grow wages, once in government, by building a stronger economy that will provide the skills and opportunities needed to develop a successful career here in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

  • Under an NDP economy, wage growth will come from its four pillared plan for economic growth, with a focus on developing agriculture, tourism, the blue economy and the new economy, on the foundation of a strong public sector. By investing and developing these areas of society, the NDP wants to build an economy that focuses on exports.

  • The investment into the economy will fuel opportunities to develop skills needed to build out these areas and for local businesses to grow both within St Vincent and the Grenadines and further afield.

  • This builds on the NDP’s plan to build more and better jobs for Vincentians.

  • With more money coming into the Vincentian economy through exports, and more skill development opportunities, more better paid jobs will be created, wages will grow and businesses will be better positioned to thrive. 

  • The NDP has announced its Youth Guarantee Pledge: By the end of our first term in office, every young person (under the age of 25) will have the offer of a job, further training or skills development programme.

  • We will create meaningful and rewarding work that puts money in people’s pockets and allows the opportunity to have a successful future. 

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