Eustace takes off the gloves at NDP public meeting

In an unusual move, for the Leader of the New Democratic Party, Hon. Arnhim Eustace took off the gloves slamming critics calling for leadership change within the NDP when he addressed the NDP’s public meeting at Mamas Corner in West St. George last Saturday. In a biting, and explosive presentation, Eustace explained that he will not tolerate corruption, questioning the motives of some of those who have publicly been critical of his leadership style within the New Democratic Party. Eustace went into some detail about one critic’s conduct as a functionary in charge of a statutory body, where he purported to hire a company with which he was connected, and paid them money from the statutory body to carry out work. Eustace remembers the figure as being some sixteen thousand dollars.

“I told him to bring it back tomorrow…or leave.”

The party president explained that he made the process for selecting the leader of the New Democartic party more democratic, increasing the base that elects the leader to include not only parliamentarians but convention delegates. He also reduced the number of years which a leader could serve, before having to seek re-election, reducing it from five years to three.
Eustace was upbeat about the NDP’s chances of winning the next general election, and made no bones about what he sees as the priorities for the incoming government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Jobs, Agriculture, Healthcare, lower utility costs, and an improved economy must be top of the list of issues which an NDP led administration would tackle.
The NDP’S Public Meeting Campaign took to Barrouallie some weeks ago where Ben Exeter, the Party’s new Candidate for the Central Leeward constituency made his debut on an NDP



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