The New Democratic Party (NDP) will introduce a “Back to basics approach” in the delivery of health care in SVG.

Access to proper health care remains a fundamental right of every citizen and the NDP is committed to facilitating the delivery of this right.

An NDP administration will refocus its attention on the basic principles of decentralizing the primary health care delivery system. To this end District clinics would be refurbished and equipped to meet the immediate needs of every community, at source. The rural hospitals at Georgetown, Chateaubelair and Union Island which have been reduced to shells would be resuscitated.

In order to adequately meet the needs of our nationals as well as visitors to our shores, a new general hospital would be built and equipped. The specific site is within the zone of the major population centres.

NDP will maximize the use of the modern medical facility at Georgetown, despite its location away from the main population centre.

NDP will examine different models with a view to implementation of modern management techniques within the health care sector.

NDP will implement its already developed plan for National Health Insurance.

The NDP will ensure that by prudent management and accountability throughout the system, the availability of basic medication will always receive priority treatment. In addition, by putting emphasis on preventive medicine, a significant reduction in the need for hospitalization and lifetime medication will be achieved.

Apart from the easing of congestion at MCMH, the new state of the art hospital will free up the building in Kingstown to be used as other government offices and departments. It is to be noted that government has been renting many buildings in the city for office space.



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