National Sports Agenda 2010 and Beyond


To facilitate the emergence of a culture of sport through the elevation of sport as a significant pillar of national development in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Support for Sport

The NDP will provide the following:

For National Sports Associations

National Sports Complexes

National Tennis Centre.

The construction of the tennis facility has shown how important such a facility can be to the development of a particular sporting discipline. Over the years the facility has served as a base for local, regional and international tournaments and there has been significant growth in local players many of whom have accessed tertiary education opportunities and further tennis training through the sport.

The National Stadium.

Issues of location and maintenance and the status of the project must be discovered and discussed.

National Aquatic Centre.

We are an island, water is a part of us, and the sport of swimming should be at a much higher level in the competitive arena.

We propose constructing a National Aquatic Centre to attract national regional and international competitions and to grow the sport locally.

National Indoor Complex.

This facility has long been sought by a number of sporting disciplines. This will be constructed at the earliest opportunity.

National Velodrome.

The sport of cycling has  long been established in the state but its growth and development has been severely restricted. The

NDP proposes to review this situation and fasttrack the development of the sport. We will also commence discussions about the feasibility of a full-fledged velodrome.

Volleyball Indoor Complex.

Volleyball is easily the least expensive sport played in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Yet it has suffered from the almost total absence of appropriate facilities. The NDP will review the possible Triangle to accommodate Volleyball while engaging in discussions about the construction of an appropriate Indoor Volleyball Complex.

Beach Volleyball.

The NDP will facilitate the introduction of Beach Volleyball and promote it as a major focus in the national sports tourism thrust.

Review of National Sports Council Act

The existing Sports Council Act was established by the New Democratic Party in recognition of the importance of sport to the human condition. In its original form, the Act addressed the need for an institutional framework to oversee the  appropriate maintenance of existing sports infrastructure and expansion to ensure future growth. The Act is in need of a comprehensive review to better meet the requirements of changing standards of international sports federations. The intention of the NDP is to encourage the hosting of regional and international competitions for the following reasons:

  1. This will provide regular competitions which will encourage excellence in athletes.
  2. Generating greater interest in competitive sport.
  3. Facilitating the growth and development of the sports tourism sector of the national economy.
  4. Providing opportunities for individuals and organisations to fashion and develop sports specific administrative, organizational, technical and service skills as employment options.
  5. Providing Vincentians with high level competition at home.

While efforts have been made in the past to decentralize the management of existing sports facilities across the country, there has been no real success in this regard. It is therefore important and urgent that the Community Sports Management Organisations be established under the sports Council act to facilitate decentralized management of sports facilities in the state.

Greater attention must be paid to the employment strategies implemented at the level of the NSC. Appropriate training and qualifications must be the basis for employment rather than political loyalties. Persons already employed with the NSC must be willing to undergo appropriate training to upgrade their skills and performance to meetnewly established standards.

Sports Tourism

Manager, Sports Tourism

It was under the previous NDP administration that the idea of introducing sports tourism as a critical pillar of national development was raised. The former Director of Tourism, Vera Ann Brereton, had commenced work and had made provisions for the establishment of a position for someone responsible for sports tourism within the Ministry of Tourism.

The NDP will therefore create a post of Manager of Sports Tourism with the mandate to work with national

sports associations in pursuit of opportunities to host a wide range of sporting activities, with particular emphasis on the off‑season. Hoteliers will be fully involved in the development of a vibrant sports tourism sector in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


The Manager of Sports Tourism will, together with the national sports associations, the NSC and the hoteliers, prepare an attractive annual sports tourism calendar targeting the regional and international sports fraternity. This calendar will be widely circulated well enough in advance to allow tourists to make appropriate arrangements to travel to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Supports to Bid

National sporting organisations will be encouraged to bid to host regional and international sports events, seminars, conferences, camps and competitions. However, the orginisations must seek and get the full support of government, provided in writing before making a bid, since it is the government which is ultimately responsible for all such international activities.

Review of National Sports Policy

The current National Sports Policy has served its purpose and is now in need of a comprehensive overhaul in light of the foregoing. Such a review must nonetheless emerge from a broader consultative process involving national sports associations, the Chamber of Commerce, the media and other stakeholders

National Recognition

The New Democratic Party has already commenced work on the review of national honours for St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Appropriate recognition of outstanding sports personalities will be included in this.



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