Foreign Policy

The NDP recognizes that notwithstanding our small size geographically and demographically we can still, through our human resources, make a meaningful contribution to the peace and stability of the world and demonstrably by upholding and promoting participatory democracy and respect for human rights.

  1. Support regional economic integration in CARICOM, OECS and any other regional grouping that preserves our traditional democratic principles.
  2. Implement our foreign policy after parliamentary debate and where appropriate consultation with interest groups.
  3. Ensure that our bilateral and multilateral arrangements will be subject to parliamentary scrutiny, debate and authorization.
  4. Actively participate in the economic partnership agreements with the EU in order to secure the benefits associated with the trade in goods and services.
  5. Broaden and deepen diplomatic relations with existing countries and seek diplomatic ties with other countries on the basis of respect for human rights and the recognition of participatory democracy.
  6. Support and encourage the peaceful resolution of international conflicts and diligently participate in the fight against terrorism and money laundering.
  7. Reform our country’s mission abroad consistent with national policy requirements with special regard to deepening trade in goods and services and attracting foreign investments.
  8. Continue to demonstrate respect for international law as a responsible state and demand that other countries do likewise.
  9. Remain steadfast to the ideals and principles of the Regional Integration Movement (CARICOM).
  10. Remain committed to the rule of law in International Relations and to the United Nations (UN).



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