Tourism is our largest foreign exchange earner. It is largely undeveloped and has enormous potential for growth.

  1. Diversification of our tourism product. We will identify specific areas and develop strategies to promote and exploit each of them.
  2. Targeted marketing – Europe, Canada, USA and Caribbean. We will develop special packages for Caribbean Tourists.
  3. Improvement of air transportation, in terms of cost, reliability and frequency of service to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
  4. Promotion and development of historical and natural sites as tourism sites.
  5. The establishment of a training institute to meet the needs of tourism operators and workers.
  6. Development of marina facilities in Bequia or lower Grenadines for power yachts.
  7. Focus on high end stay over visitors. We will promote the development of small to mid-size luxury hotels/villas.
  8. The encouragement of yachting, especially cruising. We will provide better security in our harbours and bays by frequent coast guard patrols and police foot patrols in resort and beach areas.



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