Our Plan for Young People

Our Plan for Youth

What our plan means for you:

  • An improved YES Program. The basic rate will be increased to $650 and we will work with the private sector to take on YES workers for at least one year and have them match the $650 payment. This means a wage of $1,300 per month and work experience for other job applications.
  • Skills training in local community centres through TVET for those who want to pursue careers in the trades as electricians, plumbers, mechanics, cosmetology, and IT training.
  • A new business park at the old airport site that will be an incubator for tech start-ups. It will include free high-speed internet, subsidised office space, business mentorship and legal services. This will enable you to explore innovative projects and will be a hub for like-minded young people to collaborate on new ventures.
  • Ottley Hall and Marina will be developed to provide skilled jobs, and job training in partnership with the Technical College, Community College, and other technical institutions.
  • Lighted playing fields across the country so football and athletics can continue after sunset. We will also develop existing playing fields and hardcourts and upgrade the new track at Diamond to Olympic standards so that you will have access to quality sporting facilities.
  • A National Arts Centre to give you better resources to develop and display your talents. We will also promote local arts and culture.
  • A Diversion Program to give alternatives to criminal prosecution and jail sentences for young people who get in trouble with the law. We will also establish a Young Persons Rehabilitation Centre for non-violent, first-time offenders and ensure a proper rehabilitation program for prisoners.
  • The Police Cadet Service will be revitalised to provide another avenue into the Police Service.
  • New technology and equipment in agriculture such as crop monitoring platforms, solar irrigation, more greenhouses, and tractors will give you the chance to innovate in exciting ways in this vital industry.
  • Reduced interest rates for student loans from up to 9 percent down to 4.5 percent, and even lower if we can. We will also allow those with existing student loans to refinance – halving their interest payments.
  • More scholarships and if you are currently on a scholarship you will be able to complete your studies, wherever you study.
  • Pay for CSEC, CAPE and Associate Degree Exam Fees to take the burden off students and their families.
  • High-speed internet service in all schools to facilitate the increasing use of online resources for teaching and research. We will also improve network infrastructure across the country for better access to high speed internet service
  • Affordable school transportation for students who must travel long distances, including subsidising school buses and ferry services where necessary.
  • A National Youth Parliament – giving you a voice at the table to set out the priorities and initiatives important to you.
  • Support for enterprising young people with loans from our Development Bank. The Bank will be a partner with you, helping you to succeed.
  • Records of persons convicted of possession of marijuana for personal use will be expunged so that no one will not be held back by criminal records for these minor offences when pursuing jobs and applying for visas for travel.
  • Better training for our police for dealing with cases of rape and sexual harassment.
  • An effective sexual harassment policy for the civil service and sexual harassment legislation for the private sector. This will particularly help our young women.
  • New technology and equipment in fishing such as larger boats, and online marketplace, FADs and fish-finders will mean that if you decide to start a business within the fisheries sector you will have access to the resources to be successful.

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